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Understanding Domain Specific Isolation Platforms

A Domain Specific Isolation Platform is a library is is specifically designed to isolate a specific software domain, such as Sharepoint, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, ActiveDirectory, Security and more.
An Isolation platform will use Crosswise-Isolation to fake out or change the behavior of known dependencies across the system, for all the tests that use that platform. For example, for a silverlight based platform, to write real unit tests, you will always need to create fake instances of specific objects, so that you can work with them without side effects, to test a specific object.

A Domain Specific Isolation Platform will often use Isolation Aspects for each part of the system, that needs some behavior modification. For example, in a platform that enabled silverlight unit testing, the platform will create specific 'Aspects' that deal with the 'TracingServices' Type (skip all calls to it) or the DependencyObject type (has many internal dependencies).

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