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Things to notice in the examples:
  • Tests can be run with the regular NUnit or MS Test tools. No need for specialized Silverlight-based compilation.
  • Objects under test can still be part of a Silverlight Assembly (in the examples, these are the Silverlight Toolkit Controls)
  • We simply "new" up objects under test. But the tests can be run in the regular CLR runtime, not in silverlight.
  • Tests do not run in the browser - they are fully in memory
  • Tests do no invoke the silverlight runtime, due to the use of the "SilverlightUnitTest" attribute

In C#

 public void SetProperty()
            var box = new AutoCompleteBox();
            box.MinimumPrefixLength = -3;
            int length =  (int) box.MinimumPrefixLength;
            Assert.AreEqual(-1, length);

public void SetChildTemplate()

   var box = new AutoCompleteBox();

    //injecting our child controls into the parent control without needing XAML
    SilverUnit.SetTemplateChild(box, "Text", new TextBox());
    SilverUnit.SetTemplateChild(box, "Popup", new Popup()); 
    SilverUnit.SetTemplateChild(box, "SelectionAdapter", new ListBox());
    SilverUnit.SetTemplateChild(box, "DropDownToggle", new ToggleButton());

     box.OnApplyTemplate(); //full control of when to call OnApplyTemplate

      SilverUnit.Assert.VisualStatedWasChangedTo("Normal",box,false);   //special SilverUnit Assert to check moving to a Visual State


   //it's easy to trigger control events on any control using special extension methods
 <SilverlightUnitTest(), Test()> _
    Public Sub SetTextBox_SetTextOnTextBox_ACBoxIsUpdated()
        Dim txt As TextBox = New TextBox()
        Dim box As AutoCompleteBox = New AutoCompleteBox()
        txt.SelectionStart = 0
        txt.SelectionLength = 0
        txt.IsEnabled = True

        box.TextBox = txt
        txt.Text = "a"
        txt.FireEvent(Events.TextChanged, Me, FakeInstance(Of TextChangedEventArgs))    //here we also are able to send in fake event args

        Assert.AreEqual("a", box.Text)
        Assert.AreEqual(box.Text, txt.Text)

    End Sub  

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