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Understanding the Typemock Open-AOP API

The Typemock Open-AOP API is a simple set of callback hooks that can be subscribed to from the Typemock Isolator dll (Typemock has an open source version that is free if you'd like to use it in open source projects).
It provides two simple callbacks:

Before method call

Allows you to choose whether you want to get notification when the method call will actually happen (usually you do)

During method call

Gives you all the details of a method call in the managed system, including method name, full type name, the instance of the object (if it is not static), the signature, the parameter values, and more.
You can use this callback to decide what will be the behavior of this method call:
  • you can make it return a custom value
  • you can make it throw an exception
  • you can make the CLR skip the method call altogether
  • or you can forward the call down to the Typemock Engine for further work (if you happen to use some of the Isolator APIs)

What calls do I get access to?

Basically, every call in the system is intercepted except for types inside mscorlib.dll and Typemock internal calls. Even Nunit, TestDriven or MS calls are intercepted (such as silverlight, sharepoint, WCF and everything else in process)


Please read Typemock Isolator Licensing

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