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Understanding the SilverUnit source code

The SilverUnit source code is comprised of several projects:
  • EventsHelper.csproj : this is a special C# project that is used by the SilverUnit assembly. It allows dynamically registering to events of unknown signatures and asserting the events were raised. it has nothing to do with silverlight.
  • SilverUnit.vbproj : the main source for SilverUnit.
  • Under the SilverUnit.ExampleTests folder, there are three projects
    • ControlsUnderTest.csproj : this that taken from the silverlight toolkit. This is a silverlight class library project. our tests run against it.
    • ControlTests.VB.vbproj : this is where the bulk of the example tests are located
    • ControlTests.CS.csproj : contains some C# examples of the same VB tests. (not comprehensive)

Focusing on SilverUnit.vbproj

SilverUnit is comprised of several key players:
  • Aspects - classes that inherit from the Aspect base class (from the CThru Engine)
  • Redirects - classes that are used to "re-implement" existing methods of common Silverlight base types such as DependencyObject or ItemCollection. Some of the Aspects use the Typemock Isolator RedirectCalls() method (in C# this is the "Isolate.Swap.CallsOn(..)" method. These are used extensively in SilverUnit - they make things much easier.
  • Extensions - Extension methods for various types in the code, such as Firing custom events

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